Things A Women Should Know About Their Skin

Things A Women Should Know About Their Skin

Being a women you would be always conscious about your skin and till now you must have tried thousands of remedies and various skin products in order to be beautiful and keep your skin healthy. But do you achieve 100 % success in that? Not really. The reason behind this is that don’t go for what is right for your skin and end up in making your skin look worst.

So for you here are some skin care tips which you should keep in mind.

#1- You Need More Than Sunscreen

Dr Webb Says “ Sunscreen is much less effective than we ever thought. The sun fully destroys many of the protective property of sunscreens. It literally cooks the sunscreen. I think of it as a shield of armor that has been shot full of holes.”

Then she adds “ Sunscreen wasn’t designed for people to go out and have fun in the sun”.

But still for the best protection peoples should seek shade, avoid peak sun hours and wear protective clothing when outdoors. If in the sun, apply a minimum level 30 UVA/UVB sunscreen and reapply at least every two hours, more if you have been in water or sweating.

# 2- Pale Skin Is Youthful Skin

Have a look at the skin on your bottom. How different is it from the skin on your face? What you will see is the difference between sun exposure and full protection. Irregular coloration, blotchy skin, increased capillaries ad overall redness are the signs that your skin is wearing out.

The groundwork for all these problems is laid in teenage years, accelerates in the 20s, and comes to harvest in the 30s” says Dr. Webb. “ The broken blood vessels, the bruises on the hands and arms, the rough, scaly patches of precancerous growths-that all sun. This is a harvest you don’t want.”